To Serve Vancouver’s students

Why am I running to be a VSB trustee in this October 14th by-election?
For the same reason I ran in 2014: To serve Vancouver’s students.

I live in Marpole and have three children, the oldest graduated from high school this summer and the younger two are now in Grades 8 and 11.  I understand that parents and guardians entrust the VSB with their children’s care and education and that trustees must ensure the district provides every opportunity for their success.

My two years as a trustee on a challenging 1 Green, 4 NPA, 4 Vision, board showed my commitment and integrity.  In this by-election we have three excellent Green candidates, myself, Estrellita Gonzalez and Judy Zaichkowsky, and as trustees we will work respectfully and collaboratively be both advocates and stewards for our district.  Students must be the centre of our schools, and our schools should be the hearts of our communities.

To see our full platform and candidate information please see:

Green School Board Platform  

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