Health & safety policy, shortlisting of On-Call teachers

Highlights from February 22 Personnel & Student Services Committee (IV).

WorkSafeBC requires that an organization’s occupational health and safety program be supported in the form of a policy.  The new draft policy and regulation were developed by the District Health and Safety Committee and are recommended by the District and Union partners.


VSB district staff is piloting an online assessment called the Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI) to help shortlist On-Call teachers.  This is one of the tools to shortlist candidates including recent reaching evaluations and/or final practicum reports, education and references.  Only external candidates are required to do the assessment and all data is stored in Canada.  District staff are currently analyzing whether the EPI scores align with hiring decisions – which I assume will be reported back to this committee.

Teacher representatives raised a number of concerns including using a quantitative tool to assess people, how the test was developed, whether it would be useful for the VSB, whether the test is mandatory, timing out during the assessment, and the validity of the questions.  District staff will have further conversations with teacher representatives.

EPI information:

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