School calendar 2017/18

Highlights from the single item Education & Student Services Committee (III) meeting of February 1.

The committee stakeholders agreed with the two recommendations, the proposed 2017/18 non-instructional dates and changing the winter break dates to align with neighbouring districts, and the Official Trustee will approve the recommendations at the February 27 board meeting.

The non-instructional days are five ProD days, two with flexible dates, and two curriculum implementation days.  commiii_2017_02

The dates for the 2017/18 winter break, Dec 18 – Jan 1, were set in March 2016 but other districts’ dates were not fully confirmed.  Neighbouring districts have now confirmed Dec 25 – Jan 5 (last day of school will be Dec 22, first day Jan 8) and the primary reason to align dates is that many VSB staff are parents of school-age children and live in other school districts.

Some staff and parents have already committed to travel plans or vacation days based on the original dates and the Official Trustee acknowledged that changing the dates will impact these families.  VSB staff will sympathetically address such situations on a case-by-case basis for both employees or students.

Thank you to all the stakeholder representatives on the calendar committee, and for the student input, for your thoughtful consideration which resulted in a consensus on these recommendations.


For full agenda and minutes (when posted) see: